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Big Dipper is an open-source block explorer serving over 20 proof-of-stake blockchains. It has been forked more than 100 times on GitHub and has served audiences from 140 countries and regions.

Visit Big Dipper to see a complete list of officially supported chains.

What's New ✨

While the original Big Dipper was a fullstack application, we have decided to break down the components in hopes of making it easier for users to pick and choose which components they would like to use (kind of like legos).

What this means is that a user can choose to use our UI but have a different indexer as long as the hasura structure matches up. Or they can use our indexer with a completely custom UI. It doesn't matter. We are open source and the choice is yours!

Our Goals ✨

While this project started within the Cosmos SDK community, we have future plans to branch out and create open source indexers/ UI explorers for other ecosystems too.

Follow us as we make mistakes, develop and learn to stabilize Big Dipper for the open source community :D